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Co-Founder – Joanne Farrin

Joanne with Daisy Mae
I, Jackson (red Border Collie) and, yes, yes, my loyal feline companions Daisy Mae and Parish knew before Joanne did that after 30 years in the corporate world, she was burnt out and needed a change. After much prodding from us - her furry family - she finally saw the light and went where her heart led – caring for human kind’s friends. How? Of course, I the smartest dog helped by jumping and knocking The Book on the floor to get Joanne’s attention. What book you say? Why “Cesar’s Way” by Cesar Milan. No Daisy it was not you but me who accomplished this feat. Parish would like me to relay that while we used Cesar’s book to focus Joanne on the direction we thought she should move, we acknowledge that Cesar is smart but do not forget who really makes Cesar look so good; the Canines.

OK! Daisy! Back to Joanne. By 9:30 the next morning she decided to utilize her skills and experience and open a pet sitting service which Daisy, Parish and I wholly endorsed. Steve, her husband, was a little blown away as she gave her notice before he even knew about the new plan. To see Steve’s face, when Joanne walked in and announced that she had given her notice and was going to start a pet sitting business was priceless.

Certified by the
Red CrossPet Sitters International Accredited Pet Sitter

Pet First Aid for Dogs and Cats.

Co-Founder - Steve Wilk

Steve with Jackson
Steve has spent most of his working career as a computer programmer, a skill he gained while serving in the Army for eight years. Steve holds top secret security clearance and worked at the Pentagon and other military installations before entering the private sector. Steve is an animal lover with an avid interest in wolves. And as you can tell by his Shelties’ name, Shelby, Steve is also an auto enthusiast. Shelby passed away a number of years ago at the age 13 and now Steve also enjoys Jackson, Parish, and Daisy Mae.

Certified by the
Red Cross

Pet First Aid for Dogs and Cats

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Owner Joanne Farrin
with Jackson

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